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Another report about plans of the German government to make immigration for foreign experts somewhat easier



New skilled labor strategy The federal government is developing new ways to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Among other things, it relies on modern immigration rules.
09/08/2022 BASF Berlin –
The federal government wants to attract more skilled workers to Germany with a new strategy. At a specialist summit in September, the government presented its plans to the heads of employers and trade unions, among others. The strategy relies on education and training, but also heavily on the modernization of immigration rules. All measures are aimed at supporting companies and businesses in recruiting and securing skilled workers. Modern immigration as part of the skilled labor strategy The planned modernization of the immigration law is to be launched this year, as Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil announced. "That will probably be decided at the beginning of next year." Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger referred to simplifications in the recognition of professional qualifications. "We are an immigration country for skilled workers, and it is particularly important to lower the bureaucratic hurdles," said the minister. "We must be much more open to immigration and work together to promote the fact that Germany is a cosmopolitan country with interesting and high-quality jobs," emphasized Economics Minister Robert Habeck. Strengthen training and further education The federal government emphasized the great importance of securing skilled workers. "For many companies, the search for skilled workers is already an existential question," said Labor Minister Heil. “And our country needs skilled workers to tackle digitization and the conversion to a climate-neutral economy. For this we need every helping hand and every clever head. As part of the new skilled labor strategy, we therefore want to create a training guarantee and strengthen further training.” He referred to planned instruments such as a qualification allowance with which the Federal Employment Agency is to promote in-company further training. "An important component of the strategy is the excellence initiative for vocational training," added Education Minister Stark-Watzinger. “Academic and vocational education are different, but equal. Both are great stepping stones to a successful career.”